Teaching you the skills you need to build a relationship with your dog!
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Bow WOW Dog Training

Welcome to our website! Our training methods are fun, fair, and most importantly EFFECTIVE.

NEW for 2015!!
OH NO!! Our new puppy is taking over! (2.5 hrs. $35)
Has your new puppy gone from cute and cuddly to an out of control fur ball? Puppies only practice what they plan to continue! This is a 
crash course designed to reclaim your home and set boundaries for your new family member. We will address biting, crate training, potty training, walking on a leash, manners, interaction with children and socialization. This seminar is for homes with puppies less that 20 weeks old. It is limited to 8 puppies per session (puppies come too!).
This is a family affair and well behaved children are encouraged to attend.
January 24th, 2015...10 am-12:30 pm, Saturday
February 21st, 2015...10 am-12:30 pm, Saturday

Crash courses!
These courses are designed to solve 1 specific problem. We meet 1 time for 2 hours. The cost is $25 and you bring the
dog so you will see a change in your dog's behavior immediately. You can buy coupons for 5 sessions and save $5 per session. You can attend any 5 sessions and even repeat a few if you need a refresher. Coupons are good for 1 year from issue date.

Walking on a leash: Learn the skills to make walking the dog enjoyable again and not a chore!
January 24th, 2015...1:00 pm-3:00 pm, Saturday
February 21st, 2015...1:00 pm-3:00 pm, Saturday

Greeting people politely at home and in public:
Learn how to have a well behaved dog so you aren't apologizing for his behavior.

January 24th, 2015...3:00 pm-5:00 pm, Saturday
February 21st, 2015...3:00 pm-5:00 pm, Saturday

My dog is out of control around children:
Teach your dog self control when little ones are around.
January 25th, 2015...11:30 am- 1:30 pm, Sunday
February 22nd, 2015...11:30 am- 1:30 pm, Sunday

My dog is out of control around other dogs:
If your dog loses his mind when other dogs are around then this session is for you!
January 25th, 2015...1:30 pm-3:30 pm, Sunday
February 22nd, 2015...1:30 pm-3:30 pm, Sunday

Crate training and potty training:
Have you just acquired a puppy or adult dog and can't seem to get them 100% potty trained
then this will help you finally get it done.
January 25th, 2015...3:30 pm-5:30 pm, Sunday
February 22nd, 2015...3:30 pm-5:30 pm, Sunday

Regaining control of your household: Sometimes a dog moves in and trains all of his people before they even know it. Sometimes this happens over time. If you feel your house has gone to the dogs then this will help you get your home back.
January 23rd, 2015...6:00 pm-8:00 pm, Friday
February 20th, 2015...6:00 pm-8:00 pm, Friday

        We fix basic obedience and behavior problems of puppies and adult dogs.
Dogs are never too young or too old to learn.

However, they do have the choice of whether they want to be part of the team or not.
That is why our training methods incorporate games, tricks, and variety of styles and solutions.
Not every human/dog team learns in the same way.

Each course is 6 weeks long, we meet 1 hour per week on the same night. The cost is $80.00 . All classes, lessons and gift certificates can be purchased with MC or Visa.   
    Explore the web site for the class that best fits your needs then check your schedule.
Directions to all classes will be given when your registration is received.
Classes are held near Colony Square Mall
          Foundation fun and Off lead control class!

Do you want...
 a puppy/dog that comes with enthusiasm when called?
a dog that anyone can handle on a leash?

a dog you can take in public and be proud of?

a dog that will hang out with the kids?

a dog that is relaxed and well adjusted?

This class is for all dogs/puppies! Learn how to get your dog's attention in all environment and with distractions. This class shows you how to make your good dog a GREAT dog! Basic manners and control taught throughout the class. No aggressive dogs in this class, but difficult dogs can be taught in a private setting and increase the distractions as the dog learns. This class is for all levels of training! It is a foundation class all ages of puppies/dogs are encouraged to attend.
******** Class starting Tuesday, January 13th, 2015, 6:00pm ********
******** Class starting Friday, January 30th, 2015, 6:00pm ********
******** Class starting Saturday, January 31st, 2015, 10:30am ********

Advanced Obedience!
A class for those wanting more precise heel position and other obedience skills while learning a new sport! FUN FUN FUN for all ages of people and dog/pups!
******** Email or call for information  ********

Beg. Agility
(Dogs attend all classes)Email for more information. This class is a great relationship builder!

******** Class starting Wednesday January 14th, 2015, 7:00
******** Class starting Friday, January 30th, 2015, 7:00pm ********
******** Class starting Saturday, January 31st, 2015, 11:30am ********

Adv. Agility (Dogs must be familiar with all equipment)

Email for more information and to discuss your dog's skill level.
Classes of various training levels are starting all of the time.
******** Class starting Wednesday, January 21st, 6pm

Competition Obedience II(So you might want to compete?!)and Beginner Novice Obedience
This class is for people who want to work on their dog's attention and precision when preparing to compete in Beginner Novice, Novice and Open levels of Obedience. You do not need to compete to participate. Your dog must know the following to participate: sit/down, stay, come when called, finish and walk with no tension on the leash. Exact heel position will be taught in class.

Therapy Dog/Canine Good Citizen Training course (5 wks)
Dogs must have basic obedience skills and be polite with people and other dogs while on a buckle collar.
Testing criteria can be found at
www.tdi-dog.org Your dog does NOT have to be a purebred dog to be
(Email for more information)


email:  Stacey@bowWOWdogtraining.com 


























































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